A look at Religion and Religious Texts in the Kurdistan Region

2 years agoPolicy Reports

By Dr. Hiwa Majid Khalil

The question of religion in the Kurdistan Region is a hot topic. With the rise of political Islam, the issue has become further heated. This article seeks to raise a number of questions through a sociological method. The reason for using these two methods is that the author is trying to take advantage of the most examples and expand the topic through the simplest language. This is to raise a number of rational questions about the concept of religion in the Kurdistan Region. Although close to each other. At the same time this article is not about the hermeneutic trend of interpreting religious texts; although it is close. Using this method the author will; (1)  Make a connection between the text of the sky and its interpretation by forming an understanding of how the text has been  influenced by elements foreign to the Kurdistan Region and how far these interpretations are from the reality of Kurdish society; (2) show that all the principles of secularization exist in Kurdish society; (3) show that the interpretation of the holy text itself is to partly secularize the text; and, (4) highlight those Muslim countries that are secular.

Download PDF to the report article here

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