Trump's Iraq Policy: the Destabilization Impact

2 years agoPolicy Reports

By Dr Othman Ali

Trump Middle East policy Donald Trump's Iraq policy is a part and parcel of his Middle East policy which is seemingly based on hawkish hard-power, mercantilist approach, and leaving Obama's policy of using soft power and multilateralism. Trump administration policy in Iraq has initially focused on defeating of ISIS, containment of Iran, and supporting al-Abdai to accomplish this policy. However, in reality this policy is full of contradictions, and it is in many ways the Obama policy being continued. The US withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal and attempt to force Iraqi future Iraqi government to impose sanction against Iran will have serious destabilizing impact for Iraq.  To demonstrate this we try to read Trump’s mind by looking at factor shaping ideological outlook. Then we provide a brief survey of the contradictions in his Middle East policies. Then we try to make connections between destabilizing impact of Trump’s policies in Iraq and fall of al -Abdi Government.  Finally we try to discuss possible challenges of Trump's policy in Iraq during the current government of Adel Abdul Mahdi.

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