Government Formation in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq: Regulations, Scenarios and Potential Obstacles

2 years agoPolicy Reports

By Dr. Abid Khalid Rasul

In the Kurdistan region of Iraq (KRI) the process of government formation is not only conducted through legal regulations but also under the pressure of various political forces. Furthermore, the process must pass through numerous stages, negotiated agreements, political party rivalries and the filter of the regions dominant political actors. This impression comes from the experience gained from previous government formation processes in the region and is expected to be the same for any government formation processes going forward. Hence, the primary question of the article is: Why does the government formation process in the KRI involve avenues that are outside the scope of regulation?
In working to answer this primary question, we must first answer some secondary ones:
What are the rules and regulations that underpin the government formation process in the KRI?
Why has the process of government formation in the KRI taken a path that is outside the scope of rules and regulations?
Will these causes also steer the current method of government formation in the KRI away from rules and regulations?
Once satisfactory answers were presented for these questions the article will then focus on possible scenarios for the current process of government formation and the consequences of moving away from rules and regulations to form the next KRI government.

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