Al-hole camp the unannounced ISIS Wilaya

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By Mohammed Mostafa Hassan


They take advantage of the darkness of night to sneak in the camp and pounce like night crawlers on their victims and kill them either with sharp objects like knives and daggers or with guns equipped with silencers.

They are the ISIS sleeper cells in Al-hole camp the most dangerous camp in the world or more known as the unannounced ISIS wilaya.
As the security sources has Clearfield in the process of preparing this report, every cell contains two groups one for surveillance the other for acting, every group consists of three individuals and in most cases the two groups do not know of each other, only from aliases.

The wilaya division:
The camp consists of two main sectors one is for Syrian and Iraqi refugees the other is for women and children (the muhajirats).
And the main sector divides into eight phases, phase one to three consists of Iraqi refugees, and from phase four to eight consists of Syrian refugees, but in phase seven there are both Syrian and Iraqi refugees, and the women and children divides of many sub0sectors.
According to officials in the camp phase 5 which contain both Syrian and Iraqis is the most dangerous phase and most killings occur there.
The wilaya residence
Until the preparing of this report the number of Iraqi families in the camp are 8224 family which is estimated to be 30927 members, and the Syrian 5826 families which is 20808 members, and finally the muhajirats are 2630 families which is 8942 members most of the are Russian Egyptians Turkistan Lebanese Palestinian and Moroccans, the western individuals have been transferred to Roj camp near der town in qamishlo suburban and the administration of the camp is trying to get the families back to their homes and areas between now and then, after the decision of the camp in November 2020 to let people out of the camp “upon public interests the families are allowed to get out of the camp and be placed in their areas after completing necessary process”.

After that decision until the preparation of this study 2489 families which is estimated to be 9252 members have been out the camp either through vouching of head of tribes or through document completions in 44 trips to the areas under the SDF control I north and east of Syria.

Also in two separate occasions Iraqi families have been out of the camp in an agreement between the camp administration and the Iraqi government to Jad’a camp in Ninawa, in the first occasion 94 families have been out in the other one 118 families have been out.

But these outings have been stopped in wile due to concerns of families to return to Iraq due to fear of resistant from Iraqi people and the spread of radicalism, and due to the lack of seriousness from the Iraqi government in taking these people in in fear of people rising against the decision.

Until the preparation of this study there have been 43 killed and 10 injured inside the ISIS sleeper cells which are Iraqis, 6 women have been killed 3 have been injured, and among the Syrians 53 have been killed 3 have been injured which are men, and 6 women killed 3 have been injured, according to officials most of the killed ones are Iraqis and have been inside Al-Hisba which acted like police in the time of ISIS control.

The Caliphate Cubs in Al-Hole wilaya
Children are brought up in hostile and radial environment inside the camp which are not so different of the environment of Raqqa and Mosul in the Time of ISIS control, especially in the phases which the Muhajirats are in, while I was preparing this study when I tried to talk to these Children in the Phase I was received by Stones thrown at me and when I asked why they just called me infidel, meanwhile the women watched me and inside there was sense of pride.

The Children who have come of age are transferred by the local administration of both Hole and Roj camp to Hory rehab facility in Qamishlo which is a small prison and was a headquarter for the Khaznawya religious group followers, the Children are transferred due to concerns of the admiration that when they become of age they will have sex with the women in the camp because the women use them as breeders in the camp.

Facilitation and financial backing

The Hawallas which are made from the outside camp to the inside is the number one financial backing for ISIS to do their activities, also ISIS collect money through charities and family salaries for the camp to back the activities.

In preparing the study I have come upon an Indonesian woman which was selling groceries inside the camp market, I noticed that she had all sort of groceries even the expensive ones, when I asked her how much money she makes a day she answered “one hundred dollars” which quite a lot for her with the financial crisis which faces the area at this time, and proves the level of financial status of the women living inside the camp.

Also I have spoken to the owner of the restaurant inside the camp and said that he is having a good business and I noticed many women covered completely waiting for their turn to receive their orders, I have spoken to many of them although they refused to talk and show their faces but said they are in a good place financially.

Inside the camp there are gold smiths operating and received many customers, he allowed me to look to the list and it was full of transactions, he complained of the security inside the camp which he have been robbed in a gun raid in which a group of masked individuals have robbed him and managed to take three kilos of gold, 10000$, and 7 mobiles and until now they have not been caught.

All these indicate the level of finance inside the camp and the amount of money which enters the camp, and about the areas which the financial backings are coming a security personal have said that it comes from:

The original country which comes through the Hawallas.

From Adlib, which the money comes from the Original country, received from Idlib by women and transferred to the either Al-hole or Roj camp.

Sometimes the money comes from Turkey through a network privately on social media.

After the announcement of the end of ISIS area control in March 2019 in which the SDF managed to take the last area which ISIS held in Baghouz, but the last incidents which happened specially the attack on Ghueran prison in Hassaka, and the attacks which occurred in Al-Hole camp and in Der al-zur suburban proves that ISIS still has Influence and keeps a portion of its power but in a different image due to a safe haven they have specially in Al-Hole camp which also considered as “ISIS operation room”.

The camp has become a ticking time bomb that might blow up any minute despite the attack which occurred in Ghueran prison which the area might sink in a new terrorist wave, and to solve this issue all the countries need to come together, to come up with collective plan to solve this political, humanitarian, security wise problem and end it once and for all.

This study has been prepared operating on the ground by interviewing officials and political personals inside the Al-Hole and Roj camps, and interviewing refugees inside the camps

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